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Reduce Perceived Wait Times

The time customers wait while a service is being performed is time that they may feel is wasted and they would probably rather be doing something else. But as an innovative service provider, you can turn this around and use it as an opportunity to transform this wasted time into productive timeā€”to expand business, increase profitability, and actually make the wait time enjoyable for your customers.

Universal Media is a solution tailored to your business needs that provides customer-facing messaging alongside live broadcast TV in your lobby, waiting area, cafeteria, or wherever your customers congregate.

Digital waiting room displays allow maximum flexibility in meeting the needs of customers as they wait to use your service. There are many ways to keep customers entertained and informed with waiting room signage and reduce perceived wait times. Some of the best ideas include:

  • Display welcome message
  • Instructions for the visitor
  • Interactive content
  • Entertain the visitor
  • Inform them of new products
  • Display special offers
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